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Candle Wax Before Melting

Unlock the secrets of a successful candle-making business with this comprehensive suite of digital products. Get actionable insights from feedback surveys, track recipes and manage markets like a pro. Get ready to optimize your workflow, and grow your business!

Candle Corners

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Candle Corners

Published Logbook



Optimize your workflow with quick references to specific cooks or burn tests. Remember that special batch you made around the holidays? Quickly refer back to that batch number with ease to replicate your special festive recipe. Forgot where you purchased those unique jars that one time? It's a good thing you made note of it in your Candle Corners logbook!

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Easily keep track of candle cooking results as well as burn testing results, so that you never misplace or forget what steps and recipes worked best.


  • Batch & order numbers

  • Container type

  • Wick type & size

  • Wax type & total per container

  • Fragrance type and total

  • Dye type, color and amount

  • Sketch area

  • Suppliers for each ingredient

  • Cook Checklist (time, temp. and measure)

  • Final notes & cook time tracker



Testing like a pro! Chart out and track burn tests in one place. Burn testing pages also include a few tips for achieving the best results. Easily monitor how your candle(s) are performing and easily refer back to them when needed.


  • Batch & test numbers

  • Container type & size

  • Wick type & size

  • Wax type

  • Fragrance name

  • Dye amount

  • Cold throw rating results

  • Hot throw rating results

  • Sketch area

  • Final notes & burn time tracker

  • Further testing area


Plenty of pages to write out your experiences during each candle cook or burn test. Note how those results worked well or could improve, jot down techniques that you used that were helpful, and things you would like to remember for next time. Our Logbook also features a simple table of contents to navigate pages, and a handful of quotations throughout the book to keep you inspired!

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